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Your flight ticket

Please check that all information are correct (name and surname, routing, date, times, etc.).

Passengers’ names must match with your travel documents and they can not be edited .

Passenger names are required in the  documents with a following format: SURNAME/ NAME / TITLE.

The tickets are non-transferable travel documents.

If you have separate tickets for your trip, the airline will not give you compensation for a subsequent or previous ticket in the event of cancellation or delay of flight or other problems.

If you travel with your checked bag, make sure it is included in the ticket price on all segments of the trip.

The change fee on the ticket is informative, the change of the term may sometimes lead to an increase in the ticket to another applicable, more expensive tariff due to non-compliance with the booking class and conditions related to the original ticket (deadline), etc. Also, there may be an increase in airport charges when paying a ticket. In some cases, the change of ticket may be several times more expensive than the original ticket. In case of any questions, please contact us.

If you do not use a non-refundable ticket, please inform us to verify the possibility of refunding you airport taxes. This claim must be claimed before the trip begins.

The validity of the reservation is determined by the airline and can not be extended. The carrier will cancel the reservation if the ticket  is not generated in time.

The airline reserves the right to change prices, may change airport charges (all before issuing the ticket).

The airline reserves the right to change departure and arrival times, as well as the conditions for paying and issuing the ticket, both for bookings and for tickets issued.

Please make sure you have valid documents and visas for your trip.