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We will provide you with accommodation, according to your request, anywhere in the world. Our specialists in tourism will offer you the best deals and prices. We are searching, comparing and choosing from reputable reservation systems and we will fulfill most of your wishes. Check in conveniently, without any worries, with your voucher in hand.


We will provide you with travel insurance for traveling and staying abroad. Insurance covers injuries, illness and other health complications, which can appear during traveling. For more information or assistance with arranging the appropriate coverage, please contact us through our form.


Visa handling is easy for us, stop by our office in person or send us the proper documents. We will advise you over the phone about the necessary requirements.

With obtaining an invitation letter, the invitation letter has to be addressed to the appropriate embassy, further, in the passport there has to be at least two empty pages for positive clearance as per the requirement of the authorities.

Clearance of visa is in the competency of the authorities, which is why we would like to alert you that we do not accept any responsibilities concerning the issuing and timely settlement of visas, the embassy has the right to extend the length of time while handling the visa. Visa requirements for all the countries in the world can be found on a Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

Parking at the airport

If you need to drive to the airport in comfort of your car, there is no problem with parking at the nearest airports:

Parking on the Prague Airport

Parking on the Vienna Airport


You can contact us for boat ticket to the Mediterranean Sea and to Northern Europe. We will offer you suitable choices, as well as alternatives for boat tickets for your journey.