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Parking on the Prague airport Vaclav Havel 


We are offering a reservation of parking, just next to the airport Vaclav Havel for bargain prices. Parking is secured, so it is absolutely safe (camera system, security 24h a day and insurance).

Main Advantages:

Discount Prices – with us you have favourable prices, then the individual clients.
Speed – nearest parking to the airport, approximate time to departure hall is about 5 minutes.
Saving – Go parking is cheaper by up to 64% comparing to the competition.
Comfort– nonstop transportation to departure hall (air-condition minibuses) free.
Backstage – ATM, technical services (free tire inflation, starter).
Most Modern – 1st parking in CR with reservation and online payment.


· Smart Terminal – option of reserving a parking place is part of our online reservation system. After logging and ordering a plane ticket you can also book a parking.


· Smart Terminal – is standard, according to your payment terms. After confirmation of your reservation and payment, you will receive an e-mail with the parking check.
· If you create reservation on your own (through click or banner), you will have a choice to pay parking by your card. You will receive parking check automatically by e-mail after entering your card.
· Phone or e-mail reservations are paid by transfer. You will receive parking check through e-mail.

Validity of Parking Check:

On parking check is written a date of arrival and number of days, for which is the check determined. Possibility of arrival is +1 day from the date of entry. In case the departure date has been shifted for more than 1 day, then the date on the check has to be changed also. In that case you need to follow the guidelines on the check, enter the website and enter the code for change, mobile phone number (for authorization) and a new date of arrival to the parking lot. Change of entry date is, important to be done by midnight, the day before the check- in date written on the check. Parking check cannot be cancelled. Date of arrival can be changes for free and multiple times.

Arrival to the Parking:

– At the exit of express way R7 to the airport (Terminal 1 and 2), you will see the navigation sings that will lead you to GO parking.
GPS: 50°7’16″N, 14°17’16″E
– When entering the parking lot, place the parking check or parking card directly on the parking stand and the barrier will open.
– Do not leave the parking check in the car, keep it with you. After arrival you will prove yourself with the check to the driver of Go parking minibus, which will take you back to your car on the parking lot. Once you have all luggage, just call this phone number 722 730 730.

Transfer from the parking lot to the airport:
· Go parking minibus will pick you up in few minutes (3-10min.), and take you to the departure hall of Vaclav Havel airport, Terminal 1 or 2.
After returning back to Prague airport:
· Once you have all you luggage, just call this phone number 722 730 730, and minibus will pick you up at the terminal. You will prove yourself to the driver by the parking check.
Departure from the Parking lot:
· When you will be leaving the parking lot, place the parking check on the parking stand and the barrier will open. Parking check is a prove that you have already payed. Carefully keep it.


Please contact us for current prices.