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Please note that on 1st of  June 2019 the new regulations of IATA Resolution 830d will come into effect. With these changes, passengers are obligated to actively request the contact details of passengers when making a flight booking. It is necessary that every passenger inform if he/she wants to share contant details with airlines in his/her itinerary. The airlines will use these details for comunicating wtih passengers in case of emergency.

These contact details will be made available to the airlines, and in the event of possible flight disruptions they can contact the passenger directly and inform them about flight changes. If passenger don’t want to share contact details, the airlines inform them, that they will not be informed about any flight changes.

The airlines can use these information just for concacting passenger in case of fligh changes. This regulation doesn’t influence your reservation. This regulation also applies to group bookings and to every passengers in one PNR code.