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We are global, we have been members of ATG Global Travel since 2015


ATG Global Travel:

– Global network of travel agencies
– ATG includes offices in more than 140+ partner locations worldwide
– It offers clients a global program with respect for local culture
– A large group of professionals who respect each other with the goal – TO BE THE BEST!

About ATG

ATG, AllStar Travel Group – is a global network of professionals working in the travel industry headquartered in the USA. We work together to provide travel services with complex care to international companies. This year we will celebrate 20 years in existence. Because of our uniqueness and professionalism, we have acquired significant clients from the following sectors; pharmaceuticals, sport and industry.  Our motto is, “We respect the local culture in individual countries. As individuals we are the best in our field in our own countries. As a global team, we are unrivalled. Only this way we can achieve the biggest success.”

Goals for 2024

Consistent goals for subsequent Compliance Reviews
Track progres since previous Compliance Review
Gather all updates since previous Compliance Review

Go more deeply into ATG process details:
Concentrate more on reporting data accuracy, as per feedback from the Repoting Team
Check ang align Online Booking tools settings in different countries
Review the list of occurring IQCX errors 
Analyze statistics of ATG Itineraries usage, remove all obstacles for using ATG DocDelivery routines