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June travel information for you

HEPA filter in aircrafts, miracle against spreading of COVID-19

The borders of the Czech Republic are gradually opening up to travel to various destinations, and some airlines are already planning conditions for passengers and crew so that passengers on board aircraft are as safe as possible and the risk of infection is reduced to a minimum. If you are afraid that viruses and bacteria are transmitted in the plane by constant air circulation, the opposite is true. The aircraft’s air conditioning systems are equipped with a so-called HEPA filter.

The HEPA filter cleans the air and is one of the most effective filters. It captures all pollution, dust, bacteria, viruses, but also moisture, for example. The material stored in them is similar to those found in cars, only its effectiveness in catching viruses and bacteria is several times stronger. The HEPA filter is therefore an excellent helper that can prevent the spread of the disease on board the aircraft, and if we also contribute to this by regular hand washing, disinfection and, for example, gloves, it is a way to safely transport by plane.

LOT Polish Airlines

LOT Polish Airlines will resume domestic passenger flights from 1 June 2020. Further plans for passenger flights depend on the recommendations of the Polish and European institutions responsible for hygiene and on the restrictions imposed by other countries. Accordingly, all international flights of LOT Polish Airlines scheduled for the period from 1 June to 14 June 2020 were canceled.


Thanks to favorable developments, Italy has decided to open its borders to citizens of the Schengen area on 3 June 2020. Passengers will be able to enter Italy without the need for a two-week quarantine. Of course, restaurants, hotels and other facilities will have to comply with the established rules regarding hygiene, distance, etc. Alitalia is also renewing flights from Prague from 1 July 2020. In addition to flights to Rome, Alitalia offers connections to many other Italian destinations. Among the most sought-after regions are eg Apulia. Also attractive are Sicily, Sardinia and last but not least Calabria. For more information on safety precautions, visit the carrier’s website.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines currently offers one flight a day between Prague Airport and Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport. If you are traveling to the Netherlands, you need to have a completed medical form, even in the case of a transfer at Schiphol Airport in Amstedram. You can download this form and get more information on the website of the Ministry of Health and Sports.

For more information on long-distance flights provided by KLM, visit or


Ryanair has been renewing flights from the Czech Republic since 1 July 2020. For example, some routes to the British Isles, Italy or France are renewed. Booking of these flights is possible now. At the same time, Ryanair is tightening hygiene measures on board its aircraft, such as installing new air filters in the air conditioning or daily disinfection of all areas of its aircraft. For more information on safety precautions, visit the carrier’s website.

Other airlines and their resumption of operations will continue in the coming weeks.